What is a DApp?


We have heard on multiple occasions about apps, they are something that is already part of our daily lives and with what we usually work with. But have you ever heard the term DApp? Whether or not, here’s a very clear explanation about what they are and what differentiates them from apps. Our colleague Diego González, Blockchain Expert, clarifies this in this video.

A DApp is a decentralized application. Generally we talk of DApps to refer to graphical interfaces, to visual programs, that interact with smart contracts , that are deployed, hosted, in a certain blockchain network.

For example, a DApp, through a specific web address, allows you to access and interact graphically, intuitively, with an intelligent contract without the need for technical knowledge. For the common user, there is not much difference between using a DApp, looking at photos on a social network, using a mail manager, because in the end what they do is interact with a web page, a web application. But even though it may seem indistinguishable, the difference is fundamental.

Web applications often show you a graphical interface that is talking behind a system hosted in centralized servers, an opaque system and beyond the control of the user. In the end what it does is to offer you a black box whose correct functioning is something that you have to trust, and in which your data is guarded by a third party. Also, at any time that black box, that server, may stop being active. It can fall, the company may disappear, and the service stops working.

With DApps, however, what you do is interact directly with a smart contract hosted in a decentralized, distributed and transparent network, whose content you can verify, and which supposedly will remain on and active, as long as there are nodes in the network that are working .

Taking into account that there are many nodes in a blockchain network, it is very difficult for all of them to be down or for the network to be turned off, so we usually talk about a permanent infrastructure. That is supposed to “live forever,” at least as long as there’s someone willing to keep it active.

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